Remember. Snap finger.



Montreuil, avenue Paul Signac. Ever is over all (cause) i am victim of this song.



Montreuil, rue Bel air. What geometry can SOUND my heart while it refuses any verbal NEGOTIATION ? 



Bagnolet, avenue Gallieni. Eight Heights so long arm makes the roof that makes a mind.



Montreuil, avenue Walwein. We have seen perhaps 1 million humans until today. This increases the chances that we can have an accurate idea when we imagine the personality of a people who we do not know that we see walking on the street.



Montreuil, rue de Rosny.  We are here ! Listen.



Montreuil, rue Saint Antoine. Hey Dusty ! But everything you say will be held against you. But my mind is river. 



Montreuil, rue Saint Antoine. You see ? Look ! Over there ! Over there ! I’m doing this to tell you. I say that to have you. When we look at each other, as we listen, the feet touch the ground.



Montreuil, avenue Ernest-Renan. Maybe it was here. Just before the separation. I had no idea that there was a lower floor. I was carefree, my emotions were almost no problem. My emotions belonged to me.



Paris, Louvre Museum. Before i was beauty. I needed you. All of you. Now i have to shine. And be hidden.



Montreuil, rue Saint Antoine. My age is one where one loses some inattentions. Because when I think, I leave no room for others.



Montreuil, rue de Rosny. It looks like Cecile’s house. After or during the movie, she separated from me. I lost her. I am not so sure. No because we talked together in town too.