Academic position paper : We have to think of a difficult idea, which shakes the identity. Jean-Claude Risset, quoting Michel Serres, in his article Timbre and Synthesis of Sounds, reinforces the accuracy of our impression of the existence of a linguistic dissonance that is one of the uses of the word Timbre in music.


Academic review paper : The article presents a reflection on the organization of a method of musical composition for a specific listening as well as on the interest of the creation of a tool allowing the realization of this organization. After a few reminders of the Schaefferian theory of listening functions, the words of theoreticians and composers who have nourished this reflection are presented. Finally, a proposal for an electroacoustic piece manufacturing sketch is proposed.


Research memory for study electroacoustic composition : (…) I secretly hope that an audience will form, which will prefer the sessions, in a more ungrateful principle, where we must forget the train so as to hear only the sonic color sequences, time changes, the secret life of percussion. (Scheaffer)  : UN CIEL ACOUSMATIQUE